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Your Teen's Essential Guide to Cramming for Finals

If your teen or college student is going to cram for finals, he needs to make the most out of his limited study time. Cramming is nothing like spending days or weeks preparing for a cumulative test. Before your teen actually starts cramming, he needs to set his expectations. Cramming isn’t the best way to get A’s. Instead, cramming is a way to eke out a passing grade in as limited an amount of time as possible. The sad truth is your teen won’t remember much past the test date. Cramming doesn’t give your teen a chance to... Read More

By: jessyc Tuesday May 9, 2023 comments

When Homework Resistance Turns into the Homework Battle

When Homework Resistance Turns into the Homework Battle

When Homework Resistance Turns into the Homework Battle Jessyka Coulter, CEO Founder, Ace Cookie Tutoring Study with Jessy What would it be like if your teens were actually willing to do their homework without a fight? SURPRISE! Teens want to learn, but the battle begins when they don’t have the actual ability to complete an assignment. That may sound strange, but think about it. When you don't know how to do something (and you're supposed to), is it fun? Your teen might not understand what the homework questions are... Read More

By: jessyc Monday April 17, 2023 comments Tags: studykills, tutoring, education, learning, studyhabits, relevance , homework, homeworkbattle

Community, Coaches, and Closed Doors

It all started with one phrase: I just wish I had other parents to talk to.’ My friend was in tears as she shared the behind-the-scenes view of life with her then-15-year-old daughter. Drinking. Sex. Skipping school. All the things a mom does NOT want her daughter doing. I asked her what she meant by her statement. She clarified: I wish I had parents to talk to who wouldn’t judge me or say I’m a rotten mom just because of the things my daughter’s doing right now. And I wish I had parents to talk to who could give me... Read More

By: Clarissa Constantine Wednesday January 11, 2023 comments

Secret Pleasure.... WEEKENDS!!!

Weekends? I don't need no stinking weekends... Did you notice I took a break from my ‘Inner workings’ posts over the weekend? There’s a reason for that: a weekend. I used to work 7 days a week. 12-15 hours per day. I think my record at my ‘part-time’ job was 73.5 hours in ONE WEEK. Weekends? Sure. Days that were supposed to be ‘off’? No problem, I’ll give them away. And then I started my own business. And kept up a lot of hours at the part-time gig. Frankly, how I didn’t hit burnout sooner than I... Read More

By: Clarissa Constantine Monday January 9, 2023 comments


Today’s topic is… GROWTH! One of my regular activities is networking with other professionals, many of whom are solo-preneurs or small business owners. Regardless of what product or service we offer to our clients, we agree on at least one concept: entrepreneurs are grown, not born. It is REALLY FREAKING HARD to put yourself out in public and say ‘Hey, look at what I can offer you, it’s good enough that you should give me money for it.’ Don’t believe me? Ask an entrepreneur. I filed business paperwork for The ParenTween... Read More

By: Clarissa Constantine Friday January 6, 2023 comments Tags: #philosophy #growth

My Personal Philosophy - About Not Being a Mom, and being the Founder of The ParenT(w)een Connection

You're not a mom - What do you know about any of this?" That was the response I was TERRIFIED of receiving as I began forming the concepts of The ParenT(w)een Connection. I was utterly paralyzed by the thought of getting that feedback. And (shocking to some, and not shocking at all to others), that is literally the ONLY response I got to the VERY FIRST YouTube interview I ever did. It was as if the universe was telling me to shut up and sit down. I’m NOT a Mom…maybe I never will be. What DO I know? It took... Read More

By: Clarissa Constantine Thursday January 5, 2023 comments Tags: #philosophy

Childhood Teachers

Childhood Teachers One of the most meaningful gifts I’ve ever gotten was a memory book my dad his new wife made for me this Christmas. In it were pictures of me with an array of family members. Really, it was a small array, because there weren’t that many of us in our family: me, mom dad, grandma, and my aunt. Among the pictures Dad had that I had no recollection of were a handful of my maternal grandmother and me, tilling her lawn. I was probably 12 or 13 years old, lanky as they come, gross sweaty. ... Read More

By: Clarissa Constantine Tuesday January 3, 2023 comments

Love Me Instead

Love Me Instead

Man…gotta love social media. It brought an amazing excerpt to my feed today, written by Jeff Foster. It’s called ‘When You Try to Fix Me.’ ( If you haven’t read it, here’s a link to the post that I shared in The ParenTween Connection Facebook group today.) I remember as a kid when I’d share something that was frustrating me, my mom would frequently try to offer solutions to the situation. She was TOTALLY trying to help! But MAN did it piss me off! I couldn’t articulate it then, but I didn’t WANT a solution. When she... Read More

By: Clarissa Constantine Tuesday November 29, 2022 comments



Photo by Vladislav Babienko on Unsplash Options. ‘I just want him to have options.’ How many parents have I heard utter these words? In 24 years of being a test prep coach, you can guarantee I’ve heard them a lot. A. LOT. And it’s usually a statement used to back up their fervor of encouraging (nagging/hassling/cajoling/whatever-ing) their high school kids (more often than not, their boys who seemingly couldn’t give a care about their future) into earning good grades and trying harder on their SATs, ACTs, and... Read More

By: Clarissa Constantine Wednesday September 7, 2022 comments

What if You Could Make Someone's Day Better Today?

What if You Could Make Someone's Day Better Today?

Last week, one of my high school seniors told me she hates going to school. Of course, I asked her why. She said she just feels like it’s boring and it gets in the way of the direction she wants to go in life. She has aspirations of being a salon owner and already has a FANTASTIC part-time job working in a salon. She does the bookkeeping for the salon, manages inventory, welcomes guests – all skills that she learned on the job. And going to school gets in her way, she feels. She’s also the eldest of three kids, whose mom is a widow.... Read More

By: Clarissa Constantine Wednesday August 24, 2022 comments Tags: #teens , #tweens, #parentingteens, #parentingtweens, #school