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A community of parents & experts who can help you weather life with teenagers!


Wish you had other parents to talk to? Wish you could get insight from a professional before shelling out cash?

ParenT(w)een Connection gives parents a safe place to connect with each other and with the pros who can help!

Trusted Experts

Struggling with your teen?

Wish you knew how to find a professional who can help? (Or are you an expert who can help parents, teens, and tweens?)

Check out our Trusted Experts Network!! 

ParenT(w)een University

Feel like you don't know what you don't know?

Want to learn what to expect when your kids get older?

ParenT(w)een University (PTU) is a growing bank of resources including webinars, book & podcast discussions, and more!

ParenT(w)een Foundation

It's one thing to share amazing professionals & opportunities with families. But if families can't afford these resources, that's a problem.

Part of the solution may be the ParenT(w)een Foundation. 

We're in the development phase, and we could use your help!

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Join hundreds of other parents from around the world. Ask questions. Get answers. Watch & Learn.






Relationships Improved

What Parents Say

A. M.

"Connecting with ParenT(w)een Connection has helped me connect with others who share the same experiences I have and offer their feedback and thoughts. We brainstorm with each other. I reached out to the group and was looking for an organization for volunteering opportunities and Clarissa was very helpful in finding that connection for us."

J. M. S.

"I appreciate so many things about the sense of community of The ParenT(w)een Connection. From the other parents sharing their experiences, the great links to community services, and the advice from like-minded parents, it's just an awesome and needed resource!"

N. A. 

"The ParenT(w)een group has been a wonderful source of support and information for me and my son."

H. C.

"Finding The ParenT(w)een Group gave me a safe outlet to share and learn from parents and experts how to deal with big things this age group are seeing on a daily basis. I'm so grateful for this community and resource in our lives!"

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