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"It takes a village to raise a child."

~Source Unknown

We are the village.

Parents. Grandparents. Family. Mentors. Professionals.

Supporting each other. Learning. Growing. Empowering adults, empowering t(w)eens.

The more supported & knowledgeable the adults feel, the more we can connect with and advocate for our t(w)eens. We can create happier relationships. Less stress. More fun & laughter. And ultimately, we will lose fewer kids to suicide.

"I just wish I had someone to talk to."

That's what started our entire movement. 

We are a judgment-free zone where parents and other members of 'the village' can connect with other parents and professionals to support each other and your t(w)eens.

"I appreciate so many things about the sense of community of The ParenT(w)een Connection. From the other parents sharing their experiences, the great links to community services, and the advice from like-minded parents, it's just an awesome and needed resource!" ~JMS


"Can't wait to see what amazing opportunities you'll provide and learn more about what's coming next."

"...Thank you...for creating this network!" 

~Dr. Melissa Durtschi

"Support is before."

"You are truly making the world a better place!"

Meet ParenT(w)een Connection Professor Scott Feld

Scott is the Founder of MindZenMotion, a company that focuses on empowering young adults through 'edutainment' - educational entertainment. 

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