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Ashly Jordan (My Education Connections LLC)

Ashly Jordan

Ashly is a former science teacher on a mission to help students and families make informed decisions about college choice and major selection. She has helped students all over the country into top universities like MIT, and is passionate about finding the best fit for each individual student. She founded My Education Connections, LLC because she believes ...

Clarissa Constantine (The ParenTween Connection)

Clarissa Constantine

Clarissa is an only child who had a tough relationship with her mom. During college at University of Hartford, she began what would turn into a decades-long career as a test prep coach. She's helped thousands of kids around the world navigate the college and grad school admissions processes. Along the way she's joked that she sometimes finds herself playing ...

Dr MelissaDurtschi (Navigating Education)

Dr MelissaDurtschi

Dr. Melissa Dayle Durtschi, EDD, is a mother, wife, teacher, friend, digital scrapbooking enthusiast, and loves to dance in the kitchen with her little ones. Her journey to her doctoral degree began when one of her twin daughters, Abigail, was diagnosed with Dyslexia before her 1st grade school year. It was a long journey learning about Dyslexia and the ...

Katherine OBrien (CelticCollegeConsultants)

Katherine OBrien

Blessed with six children, her hands (and her heart!) are full! Growing up in the Chicago suburb of Oak Forest, Katherine was the oldest of her family and an excellent student, graduating in the top 1% of her high school class. She went off to Northwestern where she dutifully earned an engineering degree, which made her parents proud. However, it wasn’t ...

Linda Hollenback (Hollenback Consulting LLC)

Linda Hollenback

Linda empowers teens and young adults to pave their path for success to and through college. Her mission is more than simply getting students into their choice college; it's providing young people with the tools and confidence to succeed in life. As a former high school Latin teacher and college administrator, Linda has dedicated her career to serving ...

Nate Clayberg (Career Adventure Academy)

Nate Clayberg

"I help students who are preparing for college to figure out what work they’re wired for, what major they will study, and where they’ll go to school so they can be clear, confident, and on fire about their upcoming college career." ...