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Week 1: January 9 - January 15

Ashly Jordan

January 9 @ 1PM ET

Part I: What is a Personal Statement and Where to Begin?
Part II: How to Build a College List

Joe Constantine

January 9 @ 2PM ET

Part I: What is a Teen Mentor & Why Does Your Teen Need One?
Part II: How to Help Mitigate Mental Health Stuff Before it Becomes MENTAL HEALTH STUFF

Drew Boudreau

January 10 @ 12PM ET

Founder of College Audition Pros

Topics to be announced!

Jessyka Coulter

January 12 @ 2:30PM ET

Part I: Why teens need to know HOW to learn before they can love to learn.

Part II: TBD




Fran Gallaher

January 12 @ 9PM ET

Intuition Coach 

Topics to be announced!


Beth Jones

January 15 @ 2PM ET

Part I: How to Support Your Daughter's Mental Wellness with Movement and Nutrition

Part II: How to Improve Female Student Athletic Performance On & Off the Field