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The ParenT(w)een Connection is dedicated to supporting parents by helping them connect with the best experts around. We're glad that you're interested in being considered for inclusion in our network! Here's what the process looks like.


  • The first step is to apply for consideration. Application fee is $149.
  • You'll receive an email with directions to submit information for a background check. You'll also receive a link to complete a more in-depth application and provide professional references.
  • When we get the all-clear on the background check, we'll reach out to schedule two interviews and ask you to provide two references. At least one reference must be from a current or past client.
  • When all interviews and background checks are completed and we determine that you qualify to be a Trusted Expert, we will let you know! Then you sign our Trusted Expert Network Agreement and decide which level you want to 'play' at (Varsity or JV), and you're ready to roll!


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"Wealth of knowledge"

"Being part of the Parentween Connection: Trusted Expert Network has not only given me a network of families to share my knowledge with, but also a network of professionals to draw from. Their expertise in various fields related to teen health and academics has been a wealth of knowledge for myself, my team, and clients. Thank you Clarissa for creating this network!"

~Dr. Melissa Durtschi, Navigating Education